Vacation Planning: Get Organized For Travel

Summertime is here and with it comes the season of traveling. More people travel and take vacations during the summer, and with these trips comes the stress and headaches of planning, remembering, and packing. If you are taking the trip as a family it can be even more complicated. Taking the time to get your […]

Safe Travels – 11 Travel Tips!

When traveling many things can and do go wrong. Following a few simple rules could help prevent many of those problems fellow travelers encounter on the road. Problems that could mean you spend time: · At the police station filling reports. · Locked in your hotel room, scared it will happen again. · Leaving with […]

Creative Packing Tips – Having Room in Your Suitcase

Whenever you travel or wherever you go that requires you to carry a suitcase, it helps to know several creative packing tips. Listed below are ideas for having room in your suitcase. 1. Use a contact lens case with two separate screw-on lids for those creams, lotions, salves, or hair gel that you only need […]